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When Jim LaBarbara did his first radio show in 1959, he couldn’t have imagined it would lead to a “Hall of Fame” career that spanned more than fifty years; one where he would work on some of the country’s most powerful stations and every format imaginable. Jim has been on Cincinnati airwaves since 1969. His voice has been heard on hundreds of radio & television commercials.
Jim is known as the “Music Professor”. He received his Master’s Degree in Broadcasting from the University of Cincinnati and also taught at the university. So, yes the “Professor” is a “Professor”. He is regarded as a respected musicologist.
Jim was named to the “Rock Jock Hall of Fame” as one of “Radio’s Top 40 All Time Best Deejays”. In 2000 Jim LaBarbara received his highest honor when he was inducted into the “Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame”.
His memoir: Jim LaBarbara the “Music Professor” A Life Amplified Through Radio & Rock n Roll is published by Little Miami Publishing Milford, Ohio